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there's no solution to this problem, just wanted moral support: Windows10 update and Radeon Update

so ive heard that the Windows10 KB5001330 AND KB5001391 updates have tons of issues, including major ones like lag during games and causing the system to freeze entirely- this is all true. and after painstakingly uninstalling them, ive discovered that my AMD Ryzen 5 3550H will not update without them, simply impossible, errors out when it attempts to update/install.

ive got no choice but to install *again* the buggy windows update in order to install/update my radeon software. until windows provides another update that fixes these ones, i guess im stuck with a computer that will innevitably hang within some hours of use, then forcing me to force it to shut down, this may cause it to break, who knows.

theres really nothing i can do about this situation it seems, two days wrestling with it and i give in. if you have any advice, or just moral support, thatd be very much appreciated.

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Re: there's no solution to this problem, just wanted moral support: Windows10 update and Radeon Upda

It is generally noted that AMD latest drivers need to have Windows fully updated via Windows update.

But you can try updating just the driver and related minimum software and see if that works via Device Manager without those two Windows Updates.

Use DDU without the internet connected and deleting C:\AMD  installation folder if created before updating the AMD driver via Device Manager.

Also can you please post the EXACT Laptop model you have.

Possibly using your Laptop's Support AMD Drivers might work better then AMD generic Laptop drivers which are a basic Graphics driver if that is what you are using currently.

EDIT: Try installing a previous AMD Driver dated before those Windows Updates and see if works correctly if the latest still doesn't.