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The witcher enhanced edition DX9 low FPS on 5700xt Gigabyte gaming OC

Awful performance on The Witcher Enhanced Edition (Directx 9)
The gpu clock is held at around 800mHz and the gpu usage it's around 12% which results in FPS around 40-60 with lots of frame drops and stuttering.
When I launch the game the menu has higher FPS and the clock is running properly at around 1800mHz but when I load a save file or when I start a new campaign it drops significantly.
I think it's an issue with DX9.
I tried forcing the game to run on Vulkan but it crashes; I also try to run it on OpenGL but the FPS are even worse at around 20-30.
I don't know what to do.
The latest drivers are installed (20.2.2) and it was a clean windows installation so no older drivers were before.
I also tried boosting the clock on radeon software but it didn't work.
I also tried to open another game to force the clock to go higher. This worked because the clock was around 1865mHz but the Witcher was having the same low FPS while the other game (Star Wars JFO) was running ok.

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Volunteer Moderator

Have you tried running it in compatibility mode?


I haven't. Do you mean like using windows xp SP3?


Like Win 7