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The past 2 whql drivers

so with previous drivers when I enabled vsr and gpu scaling, I was able to play 3840x2160 at 165hz, even though that res is locked to 60hz on this monitor, somehow these 2 settings in the driver managed to give me 165hz at 4k but these past 2 whql drivers aren't able to do this.


I don't know what's causing it. I noticed it straight away when playing warzone I was like whats this lag and it's because it was capped at 60hz but before, it was at 165hz and super smooth. I was just wondering amd if you's guys could possibly look in to this? 

I was able to game using vsr and gpu scaling on at 4k smooth as butter which made games look amazing. hopefully it's a simple fix.

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If your display device is limited to 60Hz refresh rate, the FPS it can display is capped at 60FPS, regardless of how many FPS your graphics card can generate.

You may as well enable VSync and save your GPU some unneeded cycles. Temps and power draw will improve.

Ryzen R7 5700X | B550 Gaming X | 2x16GB G.Skill 3600 | Radeon RX 7900XT

vsr and gpu scaling bypass this though, going back to the november driver I'm able to do 4k 165hz, any driver after that doesn't work. 

my monitor is 1440p native 165hz, it does 4k but it's at 60hz. with vsr on and gpu scaling on, it's able to make my monitor do 4k 165hz and not 60hz.


Ok, sorry I didn't get what you were trying to do.

So you have VSR and GPU Scaling enabled in Adrenalin. You're selecting 3840 X 2160 resolution in the game, your graphics card renders it at 3840 X 2160 and then you want VSR to scale it down to 2560 X 1440 for your monitor so it can run above 60Hz refresh?

If that's what you're trying to do I don't believe you need GPU Scaling enabled to do that. GPU Scaling is to upscale, or do the opposite of the above. Render at 1080 for example then upscale to 1440 for the monitor.

Since your monitor does 4k native, and you're seeing 60FPS cap in games, it would seem VSR isn't downscaling, it's just passing through the native 4k render. Do you have the game set to run Full Screen and is your Windows desktop set to 4k or 1440?

Ryzen R7 5700X | B550 Gaming X | 2x16GB G.Skill 3600 | Radeon RX 7900XT

only the november driver works doing this, the past 2 whql doesn't work. 

If I have gpu scaling off it knocks 4k back to 60hz, but if I have scaling on it puts it back to 165hz. I have tried the new driver again and my monitor at 4k is just capped to 60hz no matter what but the november driver is completely fine. 

i tend to use vsr and higher resolution because the pc is able to play quite a lot of games at 4k etc which is nice.