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Adept III

The only but serious issue of adrenalin 22.11.2 - RX 6800 XT


Not sure how to call this issue, but here is how it look :
Adrenalin 22.11.2 weird texture problem - YouTube
Now, i know video is low quality, but thats only way to catch this visually. Thats how it look static:
And i know it look like my VRAM would die, but its fine. 
This issue is present only on newest adrenalin and last 4-5 driver relases WITH FREESYNC, IT IS NOT PRESENT ON 22.5.1, but i would like to use newest drivers without worry. 
I tried many refresh rates, FreeSync standard and extented, and off. 

GPU: MSI RX 6800 XT Gaming Z Trio

CPU: Ryzen 5800X

Motherboard: MSI B550 Tomahawk

BIOS Version: 7C91vA9

RAM: 2 x 16GB 3600Mhz CL14 G.Skill Trident Z Neo RGB

PSU: BQ Pro 11 850W Platinum

Case: LianLi O11 Air Mini

Operating System & Version: Windows 10 22H2

GPU Drivers: AMD Adrenalin 22.11.2 (Non WHQL)

Chipset Drivers:

Its does not present in every game, for example in Forza Horizon 5 there is no problem. I got this issue on Radiophobia 3 (stalker), and Gates Of Hell Ostfront - so it may be directX11 issue (maybe).

My monitor is LG 32GK650F-B, i have this problem on HDMI and DisplayPort.

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Adept III

OK, i'm really lost right now. 
Installed December 8 drivers (22.11.2 WHQL), DISABLED MPO (with registry), and yet i didint seen this issue, but i think i discovered something really, really weird.
8 bpc and 10 bpc  really makes a difference in terms of how GPU behave.

For example on 8bpc with disabled MPO, when my monitor goes to sleep, it will not awake by mouse, keyboard - anything, except its own power button.
On 10 bpc monitor goes to sleep and can be waken up with mouse, keyboard - how you like. 
What is going on on this system!? I know its not drivers anymore, because on 22.5.1 i was using last week (for 7 days) i didint noticed anything wrong, except issue from posted video (and screen) on this thread in "Gunner Heat PC". I know its a fresh title, updated and early access, but to be sure i wanted to test it on newest driver and now issue is gone. But why its not drivers - back in may, when i was using 22.5.1 drivers i had problems with video playback, i had to turn off hardware acceleration in browsers - right now, when i tested 22.5.1 i didint had this issue. So its system! I currently use Windows 10 22H2, i disabled autoupdates, because of this crap. 

Still there is more problems on this system introduced by updates than any driver ever released could do. 

Adept III

So after that long time its time to make quick summary, when issue appears;
- 75Hz+ and up
- FreeSync Extended 
- LG Display 32GK650F-B (possibly more)
- ANY driver since 22.11.2 
- Framerate limiter/ Radeon Chill set to 60, instead 58.

Just tried on DisplayPort and its fine, but DisplayPort in the other hand, have different issue (Strange issue with display turn off power saving f... - AMD Community) and i'd like to stick with HDMI.

AMD - any news, why its happening?