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The Old Republic and Radeon 7 driver 20.5.1 crashes

So trying to play the old republic but like 30 minutes in the game, the game and PC crash and it restarts automatically. This is not the only game that has this problem, Gears 5 is another one that has this problem, but it ran fine with the 19 version of the software. Other than that, the drivers will work fine for hours. Such games as Half Life 2 and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare (both from Steam) will not cause problems. Any help, solution?

3 Replies

try DDU and reinstall the driver fresh


I have tried reinstalling drivers fresh multiple times, using amd own driver removal tool (don't know if there are any difference between that and DDU). Then reinstall the driver and it still happens. It has happened with Gears 5 and every 2020 version of the Radeon Adrenalin series starting with 19.12.3 I believe.


20.5.1 works with my RX 480 but I do not have a more recent Radeon card available at the moment.