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Journeyman III

The New Installer™ killing "Record & Stream"

I've taken look into my issue with "Record & Stream" tab not opening and causing the whole "Adrenalin Edition" to crash.

I've been running back thru drivers and I noticed the installer change and it started working. Currently installed 23-5-1 version is fine. 23-6-1 doesn't exist and 23-7-1 has the new installer.

My suspicion is that it is causing the Record and Stream tab to crash. I've got several videos of the 23-x-1 ed drivers crashing and trying to trace the exact spot of failure.

I am CURRENTLY downloading 23-5-2 to see if it has the new installer and if it crashes after installing that one.

23-5-2 works fine aswell because it has the old installer(?)

So I can only assume that the new installer is the culprit.

23-6-0 or 23-6-1 doesn't exist.

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