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Journeyman III

The known black screen problem. Should I get rid of the Radeon GPU and get a NVIDIA?

It's the, oh so well, known black screen problem. Enjoying playing a game, when suddenly the screen turns black and you have to hold the power button to turn off the pc. I've already tried re-installing the drivers (going back to an earlier driver wouldn't matter since the game I want to play NEEDS the newest driver), cleaning the fans in case it might be an overheating problem, turning off my 2nd screen and also added a delay to the TDR. I have all the requirements to play the games I want, I've checked that a thousand times. And seeing how so many other people still have this problem. I'm really wondering if I should just get a graphics card from a different company. I'm no computer expert so I can't tweak everything myself to fix this issue and it doesn't look like Radeon will fix this anytime soon. Unless someone else has an amazingly easy solution, I was wondering what you would recommend. Should I try to fix it with the Radeon graphic card and be patient, or get a new different one. 

Any (brutally honest) suggestions are welcome!

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