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Drivers & Software

Journeyman III

The clips I take using the Software, stop playing audio after a (probably) random period of time of the clip has played

This only startet recently. I have some clips where the audio plays entirely and some where it just stops, also happens during recordings.

I cannot attach the clips, since they are 4 Megabytes too large (15second clips)

Added the clips to Youtube

Coming back to Overwatch be like - YouTube  - 15 Second Clip

(Stopped playing after 2 seconds)

Why I play Yasuo c: - YouTube                         - 30 Second Clip

(Stopped after 29 Seconds)

It doesn't seem to matter if I increase the duration though, I just tried doing it ( is the same for recordings btw.)

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Adept III

relive audio is bugged in general and breaks often. yt probably disables it or decides there is no audio to play in the clip when corruption happens. whole amd driver is a dumpster fire atm

you may want to rollback using DDU in safe mode to 19.11.3 or 19.12.1