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Journeyman III

The AMDRyzenMasterDriverV20 service failed to start due to the following error:

The AMDRyzenMasterDriverV20 service failed to start due to the following error:
Cannot create a file when that file already exists.


I'm getting these on bootup after i downloaded the latest amd gpu drivers 23.4.1 for 7900 xtx.

Is this normal?

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Journeyman III

Also having the same issue, only happens when opening NZXT CAM. Have you found anything out?


this problem appears to be the same thing as an issue from back in 2021 with version v15

so the thing I notice is that in both cases I have 2 entries in the registry for amdryzenmaster.


\??\C:\Program Files\AMD\Performance Profile Client\AMDRyzenMasterDriver.sys

the computer crashes when I get the error:

"The AMDRyzenMasterDriverV20 service failed to start due to the following error:
Cannot create a file when that file already exists."


so following the advice from back in 2021 with version 15 where they had two entries for the ryzen master driver I uninstalled the chipset driver, master driver and gpu driver (amd RX 7800xt)
then deleted the folders and made sure the registry entries were all gone. then I rebooted and started reinstalling everything. I installed chipset first, then ryzenmasterdriver and then the gpu, and I checked the registery between each instal.

I found that the last install (gpu driver) caused there to be a second entry again, so now I'm right back where I started. I waited a few days to confirm I am getting the same errors and crashes, and I am.

so my theory is that the problem is caused by the gpu driver install software which is failing to identify that you already have the AMDRyzenMasterDriver installed and is installing an OLDER version of it and putting it in a different location. then everything starts breaking because you have two versions of the AMDRyzenMasterDriver.sys


under my current theory I believe the solution is
1) AMD needs to fix their **bleep** tier install program for the graphics card drivers and
2) uninstall both the gpu driver and the AMDRyzenMasterDriver. clean it all up, reboot and then DO NOT install AMDRyzenMasterDriver but instead ONLY install the amd graphics card driver because that will install an older version of the AMDRyzenMasterDriver. leave it alone at that point.


I have not verified this works yet, I am about to try it.


wish me luck

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uninstalling amdryzenmaster AND the gpu driver left me with no entries in the registry (under Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\)

Oh I forgot to add this problem has been going on since 2019 apparently as there is an older post showing basically the same thing here:

double registry entries for the ryzenmasterdriver and they are different versions and installed in different locations. 

anyway, uninstalling and rebooting cleaned it all up.  I did not have to manually delete anything. 


then I ONLY installed the amd graphics card driver (version 24.4.1 the latest)

this installed the OLDER AMDRyzenMasterDriver.sys (v20 instead of v22) and put it in



there is a windows registry entry for that and only that.  the newer v22 version of the AMDRyzenMasterDriver.sys which was located in \??\C:\Program Files\AMD\Performance Profile Client\AMDRyzenMasterDriver.sys

does not exist on my system now.  so that was getting installed by the chipset driver or something. 

I do remember updating my chipset driver and then upgrading my gpu and installing new gpu drivers when this all started.  so I think the chipset driver installed v22 and the gpu driver installed the older v20. 


my system now has ONLY the older v20 so I think it should be fixed. 


I will have to wait a few days to see if I get any more crashes or errors. 

been working fine for over a week now.  looks like that is the solution. 


uninstall both the ryzenmasterdriver and the amd gpu driver, and then ONLY install the gpu driver because it will install the ryzenmasterdriver as part of the gpu driver install. 


doing it this way prevents you from having two conflicting versions of the amdryzenmasterdriver and solves the problem as far as I can tell. 

Hey, so I delete both with cleanup utility. Then I install adrenalin version right and skip the AMD Chipset Drivers part (AMD GPIO DRIVER+PSP DRIVER+PPM Provisioning File Driver etc etc).

Journeyman III

I have AMD CHIPSET DRIVER in add or remove programs.