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Journeyman III

The AMD Radeon Graphics Driver is making my computer shut down after a while of playing.

My computer is completely new, build from scratch and all that, I have every driver on the most recent update etc.

Everytime I try to play a game after about 2 to 10 minutes my PC turns off (Without actually turning off but I hear no sound, my screen goes black, my keyboard and mouse don't work anymore) and the only fix I have found for this is to deinstall the AMD Radeon Graphics Driver, though without it I can't play any games other than League on 40 FPS and lowest graphics and I have made this new computer speficially to be able to finally play more games. I have tried literally every solution I could find from Google, my PC is not overheating, I have the drivers on the newest updates etc. I am really desperate because I spent a lot of money on this and I really feel like crying. I hope I can get some help.

My specs:

Motherboard: B550M DS3H
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600G
RAM: Corsaire Vengance 16GB DDR4
Powersupply: BC-750 Powersupply

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Sounds like a typical HEAT problem.  Test your temps on CPU and GPU.

What GPU are you running?

If you are overclocking, reset to default by resetting the BIOS.

Not being sarcastic but; Please don't tell me your trying to run an Nvidia card with AMD drivers.



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