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Texture filtering

In many older games, even in recent ones (example is Death Stranding), is non-functional anisotropic filtering of textures. In Nvidia there is workaround in NV control panel, you can force 16x anisotropy and i have used that many times in the past..

But now i own RX 5700 XT and it looks i'm out of luck. Option is there in Radeon Software, but it's not working so ground textures are blurry even on small distances and highest graphics preset.

Was it always like this in AMD drivers or it was working in the past? I am starting to regret my purchase when basic things like this are not working. Obviously Radeon Software has more pressing issues waiting to be resolved, but c'mon, it's 2020. Things like this should be working in drivers..

I don't expext to fix it by game developer, japanese devs. rarely fix their crappy PC ports so if somebody has found solution for Radeon how to force anisotropy 16x, i will be very grateful..

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Forcing AA and AF used to work just fine before version 20 drivers and in the odd case when it didn't RadeonPro could force both easily too, however RadeonPro doesn't work anymore for me (used to work with my RX480 but just keeps producing runtime errors with my RX5700 and it's unlikely to be fixed as it's developer abandoned it some time ago) and the AA/AF toggles in Adrenaline drivers which state DX9 only will only work in old OpenGL games or when the "Enhance Application Settings" option is a choice (ie can only be used to force better AA than the game's MSAA I have not found a single DX9 game in which these toggles actually do anything).

To my mind the fact that RadeonPro could ALWAYS force AA/AF but the driver's actual toggles do nothing (while the green team's driver toggles do work) suggests that there is a disconnect somewhere between the actual setting and the toggle that supposedly controls it, in fact the ONLY driver toggles that seem to do anything at all are Radeon Image Sharpening and Enhanced Sync the rest appear to be placebos at best.

I get that forcing MSAA into newer game engines is problematic with deferred rendering being commonplace (or at least deferred lighting/shading) but forcing AF should be easy, even the Xbox One X can do it with it's back compat library (which includes all non "enhanced" Xbox One games) and SSAA should just work regardless of renderer (VSR is ok but some older games simply don't support resolutions that make this a viable option and the end result of downsampling isn't as clean as genuine SSAA). 

It IS getting frustrating but hey at least I'm not struggling with black screens and constant reboots so there is that and aside from broken settings general performance is great so there is that too

Jeezus... Navi card are on the market one year and basic things like this does not work.. Should i even hope that AMD will fix it? I there a way how to bypass Radeon Software and force AF, maybe somehow through registry or something?