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Journeyman III

Terrible Audio Motherboard and Case

HDMI Audio Works Fine 

There is some sort of Driver issue with my Motherboard i say this because the HDMI audio works fine, the same cant be said about the Display Port audio that has problems in-game Static sounds..

I have tried all the fixes i can find uninstalling drivers, eg. so entertain me with a solution. this has been a problem out the Box and unfortunately i could not assemble the computer till after the "Return date"... 

I'm actually a Music Artist so this is incredibly annoying when you buy a "HD Audio" Motherboard and get these issues my Laptop which has Intel has never been a problem... if there is no solution then I'm just gonna stop buying AMD because the monitor i am using is also AMD Freesync Premium and My TV does not have a problem with HDMI audio.



MSI X570 A-Pro MotherBoard

Ryzen 3 3100 CPU (Still can't Buy a new Processor due to Stock!)

Radeon R9 4GB or RTX 3070 8GB GPU (Problem Occurs in Both)

Kingston Hyper X 16GB Ram

Kingston 1TB M.2 SSD 

Ko link 800W PSU

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Your Motherboard has one HDMI output and regular HD Audio plug-in ports no DP Port output.

The DP Audio must be coming from your GPU Card and not the Motherboard. Which means it is using the Nvidia's or AMD's GPU Driver HD Audio and not the motherboard's HD Audio drivers.

Also the GPU card can have both HDMI and DP outputs on it. When you mentioned that HDMI works fine is that from your speakers being connected to the Motherboard's HDMI port or your GPU card HDMI port?

If the DP is the one having issues than it is the GPU HD Audio driver being used.

I would be make sure you have the latest Motherboard CHIPSET installed and the latest BIOS version compatible with your processor.

Also check Device Manager for any errors that may cause your issue with the DP Port.

Use Windows own Audio Troubleshooter to see if it sees anything wrong in Window's Settings - Troubleshoot.

Also make sure Windows if fully updated via Windows Upate.

I would check the settings on whatever Speakers or Audio equipment you are using on the DP Port and on the GPU Settings menu.