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Adept II

Temperatures issues with overwatch 6800xt

Hello I been play overwatch on my pc for awhile now and with my new Amd Gpu 6800xt with 5950x cpu things been great until my gpu temperatures is kinda high around 90+ for 1440p 165hz, I did a test with no limit for 300 fps and it reached around 90+ as well,So is there a way I can reduce the heat with this gpu because I know the gpu can go up to 305 for overwatch on epic as far as Amd chart shows but I can't seem to find a good setting to help make it less hot or give me some advice would me great 

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Adept I

With my 6800 the temps are too high with the standard fan settings.

In adrenalin turn on fan tuning in the tuning section. use the advanced control and adjust the fan speed. I keep the zero fan below 62 degrees turned on but raise the level to 50%. I then shift the graph up sharply at about 70 degrees to 100% fan at about 80 degrees.

Once you have adjusted the settings click the apply changes box in the bar above. If you don't do this it will revert to the original settings.

I save the profile using the three dots beside the apply changes box , do this after applying the changes.

I find that if the system has problems , it will often revert to automatic settings and you have to reset the profile using the three dots again. I play MSFS a lot and have crash to desktop a lot. After these I often have to reload the profile because it will have gone back to automatic.

My system makes some noise when gaming but is silent unless it starts working hard in games.

I try to set the fan to keep the junction temperature below 70 degrees and the settings above do this very well.

Man, kinda scared to mess with it


The Adrenalin software is quite easy to use and at any time you can tell it to reset to the original settings.

Its really very safe and simple if you follow my instructions from above you shouldn't have any problems.

My 6800 was far too hot to me at the standard settings.


can you show me an example i kinda don't know what I'm doing

I felt the same the first time using anything like it, but it's really easy once you get the hang of it. 

This is the OC setting I use, you can see the fan tuning on the side. You don't need to touch/turn on anything else if you don't want to other than the fan tuning. 


Go to Performance > Tuning > Click on Manual (it will give you an alert message first time normally but don't worry about that)

  • Click the little button to Enable Fan Tuning 
  • Zero RPM basically turns the fans off until around 55 degrees (I only use it outside of gaming to keep the noise in the room low for work etc)
  • Tick Advanced controls and drag the slider to whatever suits or you can click the fine tuning drop down just underneath and manually input exactly what you want the fans to ramp up to depending on the temp of the GPU like this


  • When you find the setting you want then just Choose to save the setting using the  save profile icon at the top by the top


  • You can then load it up anytime you are gaming by coming in to the tuning page again and choosing to load that profile using the icon beside the save option shown above 

Loads of videos on youtube etc on setting these up but again it's fairly simple once you get used to it


Ah okay, I think I got it now.


no worries, ive the red devil 6800xt. Temps  always seem to be pretty high