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Journeyman III

TEKKEN 7 18.7.1 frame drops

After updating my AMD drivers for my RX 480 I'm experiencing the same issue as this reddit user.

Each time a new input from a different character lands there's a heavy frame drop for 2 to 4 seconds. I'm wondering if there's anything I can do about this other than rolling back drivers, this is my favorite game and it's unplayable in this state.

I've set the all the graphics options to low and this is still an issue, normally I run it on low to high settings and I get a steady 60fps. I've checked for packet loss and have found nothing abnormal. Task manager does not show me any irregular or high usage. My temps are fine. My drivers are updated. The new drivers are my only lead as to what's leading to these problems. Is there anyway I can formally let AMD staff know so it can be fixed in an update? Really at a loss here.

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If it worked before and suddenly doesn't after a driver change then yes I would bet the new driver changed at least this game for the worst. You recourse reinstall the last driver you know worked for you. You can try new drivers as they emerge to see if the issue is resolved. Make sure to report this specific game issues for the current driver and for any subsequent drivers that have this issue and don't acknowledge it in the release notes. Open bug report here: AMD Issue Reporting Form


What graphics card you are using? Please post the system specs of your computer. I have Tekken 7 and can test it later today on RX Vega 64. I will be testing on the latest 18.7.1