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Adept III

Team: Fix FreeSync Please !

Now it's time for my Experience Evaluation for 2020 Adrenalin:

Im now Testing 19.12.1 (Old 2019 Adrenalin)

In 2020 FreeSync is wonky (not completely Broken) not supa' smooth as it should be.

Wolcen, Bottom part of the screen have some sort of Tear (it's not butter smooth)
BFV, Same ^^
Division2, Smooth in both revisions (DX11 & DX12 alike).
Forza H4, Same as Wolcen & BFV (it is more visible in customization menus e.g. when Upgrading car - bottom menus), when racing is less noticable.
Ghost R. Breakpoint, Smooth in both revisions.

The Division 2 HBCC in DX11 is OK, need to Turn it OFF for DX12 (game won't launch in DX12+HBCC)
Overall i will wait for Team to solve FreeSync issues in 2020.
It's always Bottom of the screen that is wonky.

Vanguard Team can submit this.
For now im not in a hurry to change for 2020 again.
19.12.1 is Fine, it's also one of the fastest to date :D

FreeSync is the best what we have for Our Radeon GPUs -> Sort this out Team.

It is obvious for me that this started when they announced FreeSync Pro, Premium etc.

They broke something, my Monitor can do 10Bit, 30-74Hz w/LFC so it's similar to Pro (not Premium cuz' no HDR).
Side Note:
I like 2020 a lot, but i need Smooth sail in FreeSync
No Black screens for me, only wonky FS.
Sometimes after Turing OFF the monitor, then when back and On - it stays OFF or desktop is dull (need to ctrl+shift+Win+B to get back to normal screen)
AMD XTX Liquid Vega 64
Iiyama ProLite XUB2792QSU-B1 1440p 10Bit 71Hz 4:4:4 Freesync 30-71Hz (can be oced to 74Hz)
Zen 3700X on Hero VI
32GB 3800MHz CL16 1900FLCK
NVMe PCIe 1TB Samsung
WinX v.1909 Latest updates for everything
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