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Journeyman III

System crash with (atikmpag.sys) error code on Sony Vaio laptop on fresh Windows/Linux/ChromeOs inst

Pls help me here.

Background :

I'm a teenager and just got a  Old Laptop  , a Sony Vaio VPCEB34EN to be specific. My father's hand me down as he now upgraded.

It has Core i3- 370M CPU And Radeon Mobility HD 5470 512mb graphics with 6GB of Ram.I know it's very old , but I worked quite well till about a month before I post this question . I used Windows 10 Pro latest version at all times until one day it crashes and went to BSOD with error atikmpag.sys and refused to boot up with the same error every time . I'm a (kinda) good techie and have some technical know-how. As I had no important data on it I reinstalled windows 10 by making a bootable USB. First few time I connected my home WiFi during windows setup and it crashes as it installs the driver for graphics as soon as it updates.

So i tried again and this time did not connect to network and did offline after setup it successfully reaches desktop.but all this was done on my tv with an HDMI cable and the laptop display doesn't work due to absence of driver I guess , or some other soon I connect to wifi , the drivers get installed automatically and system crashes and stuck in boot loop again , failing to self repair.

I tried Linux variants and Android x86 but all crash as soon as I install the driver.

What should I do?

Is it a hardware or software issue?

I found some solutions that require modifying the driver files , but cannot do them as the system crashes during the driver install.

I tried old drivers and also Windows 7 ultimate , but same crash.

Same atikmag.sys error every time .

I cannot use my laptop always connected to the tv .

Any solutions are helpful.



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