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Adept II

Switchable Graphics VR Driver?

So I just tried the Vive on my R8 m445dx (r7 m340 according to new drivers) A10 9600p the steam VR test would only recognize the integrated R5 despite being set to high performance mode and running the demo completely flawlessly. The CPU got a passable good rating, but the GPU is reporting 0% processed frames probably because the R7 is processing them. The vive itself though, after installing vive drivers shuts off. On boot it will display my desktop with green static fuzz and a soon as it tries to start steam VR it turns off after connecting. I also have a riftcat, but steam VR is being told to use the wrong card and does not report or connect the VR properly with the R7. So I'm thinking there is an AMD driver block on functioning VR here. I've tried disabling and enabling Crossfire which made no difference and forcing all VR apps to high performance and high priority processing. I looks smooth af when running them demo, but is reporting my card info wrong. Is this AMD's end or Steam's end that is miscommunicating the performance of the GPU? It deems lke it's on AMD's end for not having proper VR support in drivers for these APU/GPU combo's. I tried all the vr test progs set to power saving and the recorded performance went from 100% below 90fps to 62%. So obviously it's getting bad info here somewhere. If the R5 can do 40% the r7 should be able to handle 100% especially in crossfire mode. Even my old r9 270x passed for medium quality VR.

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Adept I

No async reprodution for you anyways.

You should have bought the rift for VR. Or Nvidia.

AMD has made it possible for ASYNC to work for Oculus Rift but completely screwed every VIVE owners.

Async Compute is a feature r9 series AMD should fix this but seems to not care for customers that bought the expensive R9 FURY cards.

Good luck getting any help from AMD, They do not care.