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Journeyman III

Suggestion: May we please have CPU temp monitoring in the Metrics Overlay?

I can't fathom why we can view pretty much any valuable (and pointless) metric using the OSD in adrenalin, except for CPU temp.

We can already view the CPU util, why can't we also see the temp? Is the util-value captured by reading windows output or something?


2 Replies
Adept I

Agree completely! Have wondered this as well. 

AMD Ryzen Processors mostly run so cool I don't usually need to even look at CPU Temp most of the time.
Mind you, mostly only use about 4 threads of Total 16 max, based on the CPU Utilization report on my main PC.
I also have an AIO Cooler on the CPU.

You might get CPU Temp Report available in the Adrenalin 2021 Overlay.
If you look at the vote on Features Request Star at the Top RHS of the Adrenalin 2020 20.12.1 GUI/UI you will see the following:

Provide us feedback on Radeon™ Softwae by voting for your favorite feature id

  1. Improved Crash Reporting to AMD
  2. Improved Support for Radeon Boost
  3. Customize and Disable/Enable Features in Radeon Software
  4. Radeon WattMan Stress Test
  5. Minimal Radeon Software Install
  6. Improved FPS Logging for Performance Overlay (Min/Max/Graphs)
  7. Improved User Issue Reporting to AMD
  8. Fan Control Improvements
  9. Improved Help and Setup Guides
  10. More Overlay and Metrics Tracking for CPU

More Overlay and Metrics Tracking for CPU.

That is often a good indication of what is on the way in the next major Adrenalin 2020 driver update.
Remember to vote anyhow.