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Journeyman III

Substance Painter crash (driver news ?) 6800xt

Hey, so yeah ever since the 6800xt my substance painter crashes every single time, but since I have the 6800xt I can't roll back to earlier drivers and there's still no new drivers for the card, does anybody have any news concerning this ?

PS : I'm starting to be in quite the rush since I'm about to need it for professional reasons and I can't keep delaying my workflow, it's been since early december.

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Adept I

Re: Substance Painter crash (driver news ?) 6800xt

I just want to point out I am in a similar situation where I have an 6800xt and need Substance Painter for professional work. It would be great to at least get some information about when this issue will be resolved. This is no exaggeration, my job depends on it!

Adept I

Re: Substance Painter crash (driver news ?) 6800xt

Exact same problem in here.
I've written on a simillar thread. And someone suggested waiting for the release of SP 2021. But to no avail... the issue is still there on the new version.
A fix would be greatly appreciated.. Getting a GPU isnt easy these days to begin with.. and dealing with work blockers like these is frustrating.

Journeyman III

Re: Substance Painter crash (driver news ?) 6800xt

I hope it will be solved earlier.That's too bad for work