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Journeyman III

Stutters in everything even on desktop when using Instant replay

Stutters in everything even windows when using Instant replay and there quite noticeable like the screen froze for half a second  and that's because of A software Called L-connect that i use to manage my lian li fans and rgb if i close it the stutters gone so as rgb and the fan tunes 


so far i have had this problem sense i upgraded to a bigger case start using and lian li fans and my friend have the same case and fans and and he have the same problem 

I have a RX7900XT and my friend have RX 7800XT

AND YES I TRIED DIFFERNT GRAPHICS DRIVERS FROM 23.3.2 TO 24.4.1 AND USED DDU and did an install without the amd adrenaline software so only driver and tried different settings (encoders, resolution ,bitrate ,save location, buffer, duration ) nothing worked 


and to fix this issue there 2 ways either to uninstall amd adrenaline and use driver only  or to end task L-Connect 

and even if you turned off instant recording there will be stutters you need to Kill L-Connect


i tried to report this issue couple of times but there no fixes form amd 



and there is another issue that i noticed that All encoders uses more GPU Power as shown in task manger especially AV1 using 50-75% and the difference between av1 and avc in games is roughly 5~10 fps increase when using avc 

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Journeyman III

It’s been reported that the L-connect software can cause stuttering, especially when recording gameplay. This issue appears to be consistent across different systems using Lian Li fans and the L-connect software. A potential workaround is to end the L-connect task or uninstall it. However, this would also disable the RGB and fan controls provided by the software. Uninstalling the AMD Adrenaline software and using only the driver has been suggested as a solution to similar stuttering issues. This might be worth trying if you haven’t already done so. The AV1 encoder is known to be more computationally intensive than other codecs like AVC (H.264), which can lead to higher GPU usage. This might explain the increased GPU power consumption and the slight FPS drop when using the AV1 encoder.