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Journeyman III

Stuttering in games

Good morning,  When I play, I stutter in all games independent of the graphic quality I put. He tried to perform the clean installation, changed the base plate, processor, drivers, different windows 10 and the problem persists.
All drivers updated at last version and bios. I tried to change hardware and problem persist.

My pc:

gigabyte x570 gaming x (previusly msi x470 gaming pro)
Ryzen 7 3700x (previously ryzen 5 2600x)
Gigabyte aorus ssd M2
Sandisk SSD 480GB
nfortec hydrus 240
16GB gskill Flare x 3200Mhz (previously 16 GBCorsair LPX vengance 3000MHZ)
750W tacens mars gaming Zeus 80 plus silver Modular
Monitor asus vg248qe 144hz
windows 10 pro 64 bits original with license

I tried:
-I have updated all the drivers and bios
-different power modes
-windows registry changing the power supply
-disable HPET on both system and bios-
-reinstall the system, try different versions of windows 10 (home, pro, LTSC)
-latency mon appears that there are DPC latency problems. I have tried to disable all overclocks, different frequencies in ram memory.
-Disable energy saving of windows and hard drives.
- I tried to change mouse and keyboard
- Upgrade all hardware of pc( plate, processor, and memory ram)

I have tried different screens and different hz configurations. -Also limit the fps both with the application of radeon, and rivatunner
I atach a .txt with dxdiag info.

I need help with this problem.
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the standard balanced power mode is best for 99% of users

check for a motherboard BIOS update, new ones have been coming out every 4-6 weeks of late

reset your BIOS to optimal then enable UEFI and you should minimize the boot times


i tried all power plans, standard power plan, high performance, all ryzens plans.

i have all drivers and bios updated, if you read , as i said before, i had the problem with other hardware, is not a bios problem. i have the default bios

People who only know informatics at the user level refrain for answering, thanks

Thanks for your help


guess you are in the same boat as me, waiting on a BIOS update to fix boot problem, windows updates to fix other problems and driver updates so I can use my radeon card

i have an rx 480 8gb but i cannot install a driver, clean install of windows and the box freezes tight

Journeyman III

sorry for the necro, but if you're having this problem I found it to be the monitor. It's all over the web, search stuttering [monitor model], but specifically the ASUS VG248QE (ASUS Support even offered a firmware update because of so many cimplaints). You can check if your SN is included in the upgrade by going to ASUS Supprt and searching your model, then go to "drivers".