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Stuck Uninstalling on the Detecting your system configuration for driver and software screen

I am using the AMD Radeon Software: Adrenaline edition version 23.11.1 and I can't uninstall it. Whenever I try to uninstall the software from the control pane;, it opens the uninstallation window but the "Uninstall" button does not appear at the bottom right and it keeps getting stuck on the "Detecting your system configuration for driver and software compatibility" window. Is anybody else experiencing this problem too? If so please help.Screenshot 2023-12-07 215623.jpg

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Hey eqvinox,

sorry this is not a reply telling you how to solve this issue, I also encountered the same issue with the same adrenaline version on my windows laptop around the same time as you did, I'm still not able to resolve the issue. Hopefully someone with a solution will reply.


Hi, this usually happens when Windows automatically updates the GPU driver and store them in the registry files. For this method, use the link be low to download the DDU and cleanup the drivers as instructed on the page.

Make sure you Disable Display Driver Update by windows on, Advanced System Setting - System Properties - Hardware - Device Installation Settings. So windows won't update any other driver automatically and make it obsolete.

If you want to uninstall from the Control Panel, I'll direct to the long process. Go to the this page Disable Driver Update and try the method 2.

Hope this helps.

Hi Kalana, 

This was extremely helpful, thanks a lot!

Hi, sure thing! Glad it was helpful.


So I used the AMD Cleanup Utility to uninstall the drivers and now I'm running on default but my FPS is still low, any idea as to why this might be happening? I went to a repair shop and they told me to simply factory reset my laptop. But I'm wondering if there is another fix.



Hi, I see that you uninstalled the Adrenalin. When you meant default, meaning it's without the Adrenalin and using Windows Driver or you installed the previous Adrenalin Version? Also, why was it that you uninstalled the Adrenalin?

Low FPS could be due to Power-plan being on Power Saver mode. Try it on High Performance.

Whats the GPU on the laptop or is it an APU?


So I was having this issue and I tried this.  Now my PC has either zero out put or won't even turn on.  I was at the restart in safe mode step.  Suggestions?  I have tried other screens and both the standard graphics card ports and the Radeon ports.  It should not be this hard to uninstall software.  My AMD graphics card has been nothing but problematic


Hi, Incorrect BIOS configuration may also result in a black screen when your computer boots up. You should reset your BIOS to factory settings to see if that's the cause of your issue. It can be done as follows:

  1. To turn off your computer, press and hold the power button.
  2. Open your computer case after unplugging the AC power cord from the power source.
  3. Use a non-conductive screwdriver or your fingernail to remove the CMOS battery from your motherboard.
  4. Reinstall your CMOS battery after five minutes of waiting.
  5. Turn on your computer and connect the AC power cord to the power supply to see if the issue still exists.


Thank you for posting this. I tried this method and was successfully able to uninstall the AMD software, however I forgot to disable the Display Driver Update by windows and now the display driver is showing as "microsoft basic display driver". 
How to I change it back to AMD? or do I not need to?

Thank you in advance


Hi, I think since you were able to uninstall the AMD Adrenalin successfully. While it is necessary to have a driver to function the GPU properly, windows should have have automatically installed the Generic Driver, in order for it to work. So, The Adrenalin Pro specifically was designed for professional software's, just like Adrenalin has features to improve gaming performance, the Pro got features to help improve your productivity. Based on your usage and preference, you need either software installed to get the best outcome from your GPU.


I have done the steps listed but now my audio stays on full volume and the screen brightness is low


Hi, probably your audio device was using AMD Audio CoProcessor driver. Or audio driver is corrupted. If so you'll need to install this driver in order to make your audio device functional. Try removing every audio device first.

  1. Tap the Start button, then type "device manager."
  2. There, inside the Device Manager page, click “Sound, video, and game controllers” and expand that. All of your connected audio devices are visible to you.
  3. Next, select "Uninstall device" with a right-click on the audio device.
  4. Check this box now – Attempt to remove the driver for this device.
  5. After that, select "Uninstall" to remove the device driver from your computer.
  6. Exit Device Manager once all audio drivers have been removed.
  7. Give your computer a restart and your audio driver's default driver is loaded by Windows.

As for the brightness, again seems AMD Adrenalin should have been controlling your brightness settings and stored them and now after being removed the display setting went back to default. If you are using a laptop, then most of them use the shortcut key combination Fn + F11 to lower the brightness and Fn + F12 to increase it. Else shown at the notification bar in a slider, next to the battery. Or go to the System category opens in the Display tab. Use the slider under "Brightness and color" to "Change brightness for the built-in display."

If you are on desktop, I think the easiest and most convenient way is to use the physical buttons of your monitor. While some monitors have buttons specifically for changing the brightness (either on the front or one of the edges), the controls for brightness on other monitors are hidden within their own menus. To find the right setting by navigating through the menus on your display, refer to the manual that came with it. 


Hi Kalana

Just created this account to show you my thanks to you.

it was only answer in the internet which was able to help. Thank you so much


Sure thing. I'm glad it was helpful to you.  I'm truly honored that you went through it and It's a privilege that you created the account just for that. My warmest thanks to you.


Hi there. So I'm having a similar issue when using the amd uninstall utility to get the newest driver 24.3.1. I download the amd clean up, it restarts in safemode. However, when I click OK on the prompt window stating "this will uninstall drivers, etc" the process bar pops up for milliseconds then dissappears. There is no action is complete and requires restart, no warning that something went wrong, nothing. Just stuck in limbo on safemode. I did the actions of stop windows auto update and the problem still persists.Any help would be great. Thanks


Hi, did you use the cleanup utility on windows normal mode? If so, I think the warning said that you're not in safe mode and would you like to restart the computer on safe mode. When you click yes, it'll restart your PC into safe mode. Now you can run the cleanup utility again and it'll remove the Display Drivers and restart you PC.