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Stress test with AMD Adrenalin - GPU clock drop around 90 seconds in - is this normal?

Hi All.

Long time AMD user, 1st time poster. Got myself a reference sapphire 7900xt the other day and wanting to make sure it works as intended.

Running the stress test, the GPU clock and VRAM clocks drop to 24MHz and 50MHz respectively around the 90 second mark. Within a 10 minute stress test it stays at this level and does not go back up again.

I have read conflicting reports of this being a problem highlighted or an intentional part of the test for undervolting configurations.

As no solid answer, I thought I would ask the source. So - is this an intentional part of the stress test or is this a potential problem revealing (power supply or other?)

Many thanks in advance for the assistance

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I have a 6700 (Non-xt) with exactly the same behaviour, at 90 seconds it goes down to 8 and 14 mhz, with a minumum variation during the rest of the test. I does not fail the test, but it is certainly a very odd behaviour.

My driver version is 23.2.2 from 17-Feb-2023.  Could someone from Amd please help to clarify ?


I have found a few more people commenting about this at the reddit link below (not solved): 



The issue is in AMD drivers version 23.2.2!

If you have 6000 series GPU, first download and run amdcleanuputility.exe, reboot in safe mode, let it run, reboot in normal mode, install AMD drivers version 22.11.2 and like magic, all issues will be gone! 


Amazing. Thanks for following up. Will give it a test now.


Saw this post just want to tell you guys I got the same thing happening to me but it is now May I'm not sure which driver it was. I think 23.3.4 or something. I did all the stuff you're supposed to do. I even went as far as to resetting and clean installing windows 11on my PC again. For some reason my registry keeps getting dirty but I cleaned it up. Tried lower driver. Didn't work. It's like one day I'll get on here and I can push this thing to the limit no matter what and it won't do anything. And then another day it's like I can't even play a lower level graphics game. I have an RX 5700xt. I would say that it was just my model but reading this post apparently not. Cuz drx-5700xt is known for getting hot and being buggy. Mine has an EK water block on it so I'm good with that. I have a Ryzen 9 3900x. I'm wondering if it's a little overkill for my gpu. I got my CPU at 41.00mhz. basically using TPU II on my x570 crosshair 8. I have no idea man. People get back to me and they ask me if I have tried such and such. And I tell them over and over yes I've tried the basics. I know that if I can't fix this I am done becoming a fanboy of team red. I can't believe I'm saying that but that's how fed up I am. Anyway just wanted to let you guys know it's still doing it with different drivers so watch out.

Windows 11 suck. Keep Windows 10 for now  is my advice.