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Adept I

Streaming with Relive, no chat window visible

Hallo! Im using the relive feature to stream on twitch, everything works fine, the bitrate, the resulution and so on.

But when i conigure the scenes for example, i activate the chat window ( i only have one monitor, so i love to use this)

it does not show up, when i start the stream. is there a extra button to activat the overlays i did not find?

In former times, it was no problem, it was there, where i want it and with the fontsize and locatoin, i conifigured.

I setup this in a scene as usual, but no chat visible, same with viewercounter, nothing on screen dring livestream.

Is there a bug in the scene options?`i have latest driver, and i also made a driver clean (with utility) and full reinstall, di not help.

thanks for any hints

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Journeyman III


It seems it was due to this. I'm having problem to 'log in' in the browser source