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Journeyman III



I have this problem with my configuration:

Date and Time;User Action;Content;
Feb 01,2023 19:50:08;Information;Launched from: C:\Program Files\AMD\StoreMI\Qt_Dependancies
Feb 01,2023 19:50:15;Information;Local system language: English
Feb 01,2023 19:50:15;Information;## Installer Invoked ##
Feb 01,2023 19:50:15;Information;Install type: Install
Feb 01,2023 19:50:15;Information;Root: C:/, Total size: 511345 MB, Free Space available: 332956 MB
Feb 01,2023 19:50:16;Information;SATA AHCI Count: 0
Feb 01,2023 19:50:16;Information;NVMe Controller Count: 1
Feb 01,2023 19:50:16;Information;Windows Caption: Microsoft Windows 11 Pro
Feb 01,2023 19:50:16;Information;Windows Version: 10.0.22621
Feb 01,2023 19:50:16;Information;Supported Chipset Family: VEN_1022&DEV_57AD
Feb 01,2023 19:50:16;Information;Supported Chipset Model: VEN_1022&DEV_43D5
Feb 01,2023 19:50:23;Information;Disk Drives Connected: XPG SPECTRIX S40G ,ST5000LM0002AN170 ,SPCC Solid State Disk
Feb 01,2023 19:50:23;ERROR;Check for Required Storage Configuration - FAILED
Feb 01,2023 19:50:23;Information;Local system language: English

Can anyone help?

Could it be that my intended cache drive is in an M.2 ultra slot and not the basic M.2?


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