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Journeyman III

StoreMi v2 does not appear to do anything

I recently installed the latest version of StoreMi ( and configured it to use a 500 GB SATA SSD with an my 8TB hard drive which is used as a Steam drive.  I launched several large games and saw the Cache size tick up to 0.1%, but, no matter how many different games I launch, the cache does not increase in size.  Also, after launching several games and timing how long they take to load the first level, I rebooted and tested again with no apparent decrease in load times.

From what I understand, StoreMi is supposed to cache files on my hard drive as they are read so the next read will be faster.  Am I misunderstanding how it works or is something else going on here?

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Yes, it is suppose to cache the frequently used data onto the Cache.

What you can do is a quick test to see if the caching is working or not.

  • Install Crystaldiskmark benchmark tool from web
  • Run the benchmark tool on the HDD partition
  • re-run the same test again after 10min -> 20min and 30min 
  • If you see the score is increasing then StoreMI is working and is active on your system, else you separate the drives and and create StoreMI again an try the steps again.