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StoreMi v2 corrupted hard disk, (installing problem, BSOD)


I have bought a new 5800x and Gigabyte X570S AORUS PRO AX (rev. 1.0). Hearing about the StoreMI, and it does not corrupt the original hard drive, I have installed it. Then the problem has started. 
First the system got BSOD with the error about rcraid.sys, which required to reinstall the windows, many times. I found out the StoreMI requires virtual memory (pagefile.sys), which is interesting, I have 32 Gb ram, and it is normal for many like me to turn off the virtual memory. It is good to have a warning to enable virtual memory, or even better to make it work without virtual memory. 

If the virtual memory turns off, the system cannot reinstall StoreMI, unless the SSD, which is used in StoreMI deleted or formatted, otherwise it gives again the BSOD. 

 Trying to move the pagefile.sys to a "RamDrive" or none-system drive, it crashed and somehow corrupted my hard drive. My hard drive, became unreadable and its 4 TB (3726.02 GB) single partition, changed to 3 partitions (1678.02GB, 369.98GB, and 1678.02GB). My data on that hard disk was around 1700 GB, which I am assuming that is why the drive became like this. It shows that the 2 of the partitions are LINUX SWAP, which is strange, as my hdd were in NTFS format. It took me 48+ hours to recover the files and cost me 185 USD (100USD for a new HDD and 85USD for the recovery software,  DiskGenius).  I am mentioning "DiskGenius", not to promote them, as it was only one that I found can recover files and folders together, other software  just found the files, but not the structures.

I hope the AMD support find a solution for this issue and it help people who are getting BSOD on StoreMI. 

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Please try with latest build "" and let me know observation.
Below is link.