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Journeyman III

Storemi slowing pc

Windows 10 1809 x64

CPU: ryzen2200g


SSD: BWIN 256 gb sata III

HDD: Samsung 1TB sata I

Hello i installed win 10 1809 (was installed on ssd) fresh on hdd(like sugested on guide) then installed storemi and after that i noticed for 2 weeks now that always when i power my pc that is quite slow and system procces is always at 25% or more(even on idle). I thought is windows problem and i tried a clean boot and then i enable one by one all procceses and only when i NOT enable storemisystray.exe pc work fast again even boot time was like 50sec before was like 180-250sec.

So my question is why storemisystray slow down so much even in games it eat up those 25% (i think is more) since i have lag on almost all games, i tryed without it on and no more lag. I'm guessing because of my samsung hdd that is too old (is from arownd 2000) or something (when sata was invented).

Is something wrong if storemisystray not running?

Thank you for your time and sorry (for language mistakes too)if the msg was too long.Have a nice day!

Best regards!

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Journeyman III

Windows 10 1809 x64

CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x

MB: Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming

SSD: Samsung 970 Evo 500GB NVMe

HDD: Seagate 2TB HDD 5400rpm

I will add to the above specs that I have two displays hooked up (a TV and an MSI gaming monitor) to a Vega 56 graphics card, with Radeon Wattman enabled. I've been having the same problem as OP.

When I start the computer after shutting it down the day before, I get the startup screen with the spinning dots. The dots spin veeery slooowly, suggesting the machine is reading the hard drive to startup. Takes about 2-3 minutes to get into Windows.

When I RESTART the computer, the startup screen shows the dots spinning swiftly. In about 15 seconds I am booted in Windows.

If I power off the computer halfway through the slow boot (with the slow spinning dots), then hit the on button again, I get the 15-second boot. But then I get a message in Windows saying "Radeon Wattman settings have been reset."

All three scenarios have happened consistently. The only thing I can think is that when I hit "Shut down," some type of information is being lost, reset, or reconfigured so that when I hit the "on" button the computer will look at the hard drive when booting the computer. If I hit "restart" in Windows, or power off the computer halfway through the slow boot and power it on again, the computer looks at the SSD, which is where I've configured it to boot from in the BIOS settings.

I have no idea how to stop the computer looking at the HDD other than the BIOS settings. And if that's not what's causing the slow boot, I have no idea what is. Any help on this front will be appreciated.

Journeyman III

I think I fixed the issue!

Apparently Windows has a feature called "fast startup" which causes the computer to hibernate when you click shutdown rather than actually shutting down. The hibernation file is always stored on the hard drive (either by StoreMI who thinks it is a file not used frequently, or by Windows itself which forces the file onto the hard drive), so as a result, when I restart my computer after a "normal" shutdown, the computer will access the hibernation file from the hard drive, causing a slow boot. If I hard shut-down the computer, the file is not saved, or if I restart the computer, it shuts down for real (no hibernation file) before restarting itself. Both scenarios restart the computer from the SSD, which is magnitudes faster.

So the solution is to turn off fast startup, which can be found in Settings > System > Power & Sleep (you can skip to this step by right-clicking the start menu and selecting "Power Options") > Additional Power settings (on the right menu) > Choose what the power buttons do (on the left) > Change settings that are currently unavailable > deselect "Turn on fast startup (recommended)" > save changes. This article guided me through the process.

I'm posting this here to help out anyone who has the same problem in the future but isn't able to find help, as I was. I must say that AMD's help community is very limited in availability. I posted this issue on several forums months ago but never got a single reply.

what if I havent  option "Turn on fast startup"?


I suggest you open a free Enmotus Support account for free STOREMI Support, ends May 15, 2020, and ask them from here: FuzeDrive Support 

AMD's STOREMI is based on Enmotus paid version of Fuze Drive. Since AMD has stop supporting STOREMI, Enmotus is giving AMD Users of STOREMI free Tech Support until May 15, 2020.

Journeyman III

Hello !


Same behaviour today on my side with my Ryzen 7 2700X. Yesterday I was playing AC Odyssey, and used to have average 60 FPS.

Today I've installed latest StoreMI software (in order to update to latest drivers on my PC, expecting performance improvements). And when I ran again the AC Odyssey game, I faced a lot of FPS drops. When running in-game benchmark, I've noticed a lot of latency (ms) with CPU, which was also impacting AMD GPU latency.

So I removed StoreMI software, and rebooted the PC. I started again the game and tested the in-game benchmark tool to see if issue has gone.... and YES ! No more CPU latency, and average FPS get back to normal.

So please AMD engineers : do something ! It seems to be an issue with your drivers shipped in that software, impacting many people... since many years !!



It's an issue with the latest version of StoreMI. is fine for me if you wanted to still have StoreMI.


Well... I don't think this issue is only with the latest version.... look at the thread opening date... 2019 !

Such obvious issue should not be publicly released... I didn't had Windows slowness thanks to my NVME disks... but on any games I used to had drops of FPS (like 9 FPS with lower presets on older games... instead of usual 80 FPS ! -> -90% lower !). I have totally lost confidence in this tool, I won't anymore take any risk in installing it.... we are not safe from a new messy update in the future... (I've lost my afternoon to figure out the issue was because of the Drivers installed by StoreMI !)

Journeyman III

storeMI is a garbage product! the objective of the software is great! To have a mechanical drive attain a SSD'like speed but ~--until today it is plague by issues ... POOR software engineering design! AMD should STOP developing this product .... I'm staying away from this...

I had stuttering issue after installing StoreMI drivers...