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Journeyman III

StoreMI: Cannot Delete Tier/Cannot Extend Drive

I Have recently installed AMD StoreMI on my computer. I am running an NVMe and HDD setup. 1TB HDD + 256 m.2.

The HDD is the bootdrive.

For some reason the tier drive is displayed as the combination of both drives but windows tells me that it is not both drives if not only the HDD. 

There are images attached below.

I tried extending the main image but could not.

On top of that, I actually can't delete the tier on my storage. Hopefull Someone has some sort of solution to this.

2 Replies
Adept II

The EFI partition being at the end confused things a bit. As far as I am aware, you would have ended up in that configuration only if you used mbr2gpt or a third party tool to convert your disk type. Also, your recovery partition appears to be hosed, as the filesystem type is RAW.

At this point, first make sure your backups are current, just in case.

Then I'd suggest deleting that last RAW partition (since it won't do any good, and you can use your Windows install USB for recovery purposes). Then use a third party partition manager tool (there are free ones, e.g., Minitool or AOMEI) to move the EFI partition to the right, to the end of the disk. Then you'll be able to extend your C: drive.

As far as being unable to delete your tier, that's because your tier is your boot drive.


Thank you very much. This is exactly what i needed. I did use mbr2gpt which explains the recovery. I do not have a USB with windows but instead a disk. I will be putting the installer from the disk into a USB. I figured out how to fix the partition using AOMEI. And i also read and reread the user install guide where it says that i can’t delete the tier because it is not a boot drive so i appreciate that too. Either way this was extremely helpful. Have a good day.