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Journeyman III

storemi bricked my computer

Hi, after downloading the storemi software my computer started to run into constant BSODs. In order to try and fix this I tried to do a complete factory reset of my pc since I was unable to find a way to remove the drivers. However, during the process of factory resetting my computer encounters the same BSODs making my computer stuck in a perpetual loop of resetting and BSODS.

I genuinely don't know what to do and I'm very worried.

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Journeyman III

I also had the same issue. X570 with latest windows 11 and Chipset drivers. Is there a way to submit a bug ticket? I just had to uninstall it really quickly for my system to be stable again.

Adept I

you could try bug report as per this but there is not even storemi section and the upload wasnt even working for me when i tried... is obviously bugged, if you have older version you could try that - but its not available on amd download page...sooo good luck. Just curious, was your BSODs kernel_mode_heap_corruption or bad_pool_caller ?  Mine was like that, , what i just realized reading this is that I was lucky i didnt had neither steam nor uplay on autostart, as BSOD would happen almost immediately after boot and would not be able to pinpoint this to specific app trigger

Volunteer Moderator

I would use a friend's PC to download the Windows Media Creation Tool and use it to make a bootable USB. Then I would use the USB to delete all the storage volumes on my computer and reinstall Windows from the USB into a fresh volume. 

I never messed with RAID or StoreMi, but I have not been on an HDD in half a decade, so I never needed it. 

This should work as drivers are stored in an OS level so there should be no drivers, or any data left on the drives, when you delete the volumes.

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From AMD STOREMI Quick Guide setup:

Screenshot 2022-12-20 171626.png

As mentioned by @cpurpe91 you will need to delete all the partitions on the drives that you used STOREMI to configure.

You can use a USB Flash Drive with the Windows version you want to install. But the installation will only delete the partition on the Windows drive and not on the second HDD/SSD.

So to kill two birds with one stone, using the USB Flash drive with Windows Installation program. Run it and use it to enter Windows Troubleshooting Menu.

Then click on Command Prompt. Then use DISKPART to delete all partitions on both Windows and your second SSD/HDD drives.

Screenshot 2022-12-20 171626.png

Here is how to use DISKPART from Microsoft:

Once you have deleted all partitons on both drives you now can use the Windows Installation again to create a new Windows Partition and install Windows again.

DISKPART commands are fairly easy to use and understand. You only need to know about 4-6 command lines.

NOTE: If you should have a SYSTEM BACKUP image from before you installed STOREMI, once you install Windows again, if you used Windows Backup to do your System Backup image, You can have Windows use that image to restore your entire Windows drive back o the way it was.

But if you used some other System Backup software like Macrium or Acronis etc, you can install those apps first or use their recovery Flash drive to restore their System Backup to your driver again.