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Journeyman III

StoreMi beta 2.0 SATA Source HDD and SATA cache SSD

Hello I tried installing StoreMi Beta 2.0 version. I have three disks: a 2 Tb SATA HDD, one 500 Gb SATA SSD (the  Windows OS drive) and one 256 Gb M.2 SSD (not NVMe). I want to use the HDD as the source and the 256 Gb M.2 SSD as the cache SSD.

The problem is that i receive an error message: StoreMi is unable to support this motherboard's SATA source HDD and SATA cache SSD attachment. Using an NVMe SSD for the cache is supported. 

Now i read the FAQ and the Instalation Guide but it doesn't say that it doesn't support M.2 SATA SSD, so I thought it will work.

What are me options besides buying another SSD?

Will the option of using one HDD and one M.2 SSD be supported in the future?

Is there a BIOS option  I should change?

My PC has a Ryzen 2700X, MSI X470 Gaming Plus Max, 16 Gb of Ram.

Thank you.

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Journeyman III

Did you solve this problem? I have the same issue.

Journeyman III

borisliang‌, raul1983

Me too. I've given up to use this version and I'm using the Windows 10 solution (Storage Spaces).

Adept I

Hello raul1983.

I don't see any problem with using an SSD m.2 (SATA3) to speed up your mechanical HDD.

I think it could be something else.

Does the M.2 SSD you are using have any written data or partition tables?

According to AMD's guidelines you first install the OS on the slowest disk (in AHCI mode in the BIOS).

Then, physically insert the SSD into the M.2 port. When you enter the OS, clean the SSD M.2 completely using the command "DISKPART" by selecting it and giving the command "CLEAN". Reboot your system and install the AMD StoreMI (with all updated AMD drivers, mainly from your chipset).

Only after these steps will StoreMI be able to create the acceleration.

Also note that on the AMD platform, both the processor itself and the chipset use independent SATA3 and PCI-E channels (but share lanes). If you install the SSD on the M.2 port on the processor, install the slower HDD on a SATA3 port on the chipset. See this in your motherboard manual.

In my case, I opened a topic in this forum with another type of problem (which you may also have).

The system works and really speeds up the disc, but it causes freezes in the programs loading.

You can see in this link: 

In what we can help each other, count on me, because I'm looking for your solution too.

Best regards.

Journeyman III

Have you already fixed this issue? I've solved this problem only by buying and installing a nmve SSD, such as the error message suggest to us. I think it's a specific limitation of b450 chipset.

Journeyman III

Hii raul, i came across the same issue what you had and finally found a solution to it. I installed windows on ssd and i have a 1tb hdd as well. Tried to install store mi and got this notification as you mentioned. Here is what i did. First i deleted and extended all drives to there full storage(removed all partitions). Now i have 480gb ssd and 1tb hdd. Went to bios and enabled apu sata hot plug which was disabled by default. Now try running store mi. Your problem might be solved. 

Thank you so much, I spent about 1 hour looking for a solution and this worked for me, thank you!!!!