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Journeyman III

StoreMI bad bug on version

I installed StoreMI on my B450 system and even before I could create a cache drive I started having issues:

first the Radeon Software began to notify a timeout every time I went back from a standby state;

then I tried to reboot and got stuck on frozen boot screen with several errors on my OS SSD that I could only recover by restoring a backup I luckily made just before installing StoreMI. After that (and without reinstalling StoreMI any more), no more errors occurred.

My system is:

Ryzen 3800X on ASUS B450M-A
32 GB RAM 3200 MHz
Radeon RX 5700
Crucial CT525MX300 (OS)
Toshiba DT01ABA300
Asgard AN2 1TNVMe-M.2/80

Note that I had to disable the M.2 controller before installing the software because the installation failed otherwise and the log said that it couldn't disable it automatically, while it was able to enable it later

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