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Journeyman III

StoreMI and Optical Drives

I have an MSI B550M PRO-VDH WIFI board with a Ryzen 9 5900X, and I'm having an issue with StoreMI.  It seems that I am completely unable to use my Blu Ray drive with StoreMI installed.  Inserting a disk doesn't register, and the drive is reported in "My Computer" as a "CD Drive" instead of a Blu Ray drive like it was prior to the StoreMI install.

My drive configuration is as follows:

SATA0 - 10TB HDD (boot drive)

SATA1 - 4TB HDD (Linux drive)

SATA2 - Empty

SATA3 - Blu Ray Drive


The NVME and 10TB drive are set up in a StoreMI configuration. It seems that as long as StoreMI is installed (the Linux drive makes no difference and even if I remove the StoreMI pairing it makes no difference) I cannot use or access the Blu Ray drive.  Device Manager reports my Blu Ray drive as a "AMD-RAID Array 3 SCSI CdRom Device".

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Adept II

I have the exact same problem. I've uninstalled storemi, and the blu-ray drive is working again. Hopefully AMD fixes this, as otherwise the storemi app is useful.

I've encountered the same problem.
I maintain a DVD/RW drive in my system for old games and dvd's and lately, because apparently I'm one of the few who still has one, people have been coming to me to rip and back-up their old dvd's too.

I like using StoreMI, it seems to work pretty well. But now every time I want to use my dvd drive, I have to either boot into a liveboot version of Linux, or uninstall StoreMI entirely.

Please fix this?


Supposedly the newest version (which was publicly released a few days ago) fixes this issue. However, I can't get any version of storemi to install now. Not the old version that had optical drive problems or the new one that just came out. 

Right so I installed the update, and initially after completing the update and rebooting my system the dvd drive did NOT work, still reading as a generic CD-rom drive.

A few minutes later however without me doing anything, it suddenly registered correctly and started working. 
Don't know why it didn't work right away, but I'll take it  


V2.0.1.150 should have fixed this issue.

Reboot the system twice for the changes to take effect after installing newer version of StoreMI