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Adept I

Still no HDMI VRR support 2 years after AMD announcement

Tomorrow marks the 2 year point at which AMD announced "HDMI 2.1 VRR support will come to AMD Radeon RX GPUs with a future driver update"

Since then, Nvidia has now started to apply and support "G-sync" compatibility to TVs which is simply branded HDMI Forum VRR. We still don't have HDMI VRR support with the latest Adrenalin drivers, even after the big 2020 driver update.

I cannot get AMD to give a response on this. I submitted a support ticket last month and was told straight it is not supported and they cannot comment on future support.

"No, Radeon RX 5700 XT do not have HDMI VRR support. I am sorry we do not have authorization to share information about the future releases or development. I request you to subscribe to the newsletter so that you can receive latest updates on the new product releases."

This is a JOKE.

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Re: Still no HDMI VRR support 2 years after AMD announcement

Yes indeed its a complete circus at AMD.

Just connected up the Radeon VII and all my displays are overscanned, (Cannot see the edges of my display)

So I used the HDMI Scaling options like usual and guess what, using HDMI Scaling locks to 30FPS.

Also playing games at high resolutions, the core downclocks to 500mhz.

If they don't answer soon I'm refunding this GPU, not wasting my time.

Its a joke. 

Adept I

Re: Still no HDMI VRR support 2 years after AMD announcement

I bought a Radeon RX5700XT believing i would be able to use it with a LG OLED tv using freesync/vrr, it appears however this is not possible. AMD has been notably quiet about this. Since AMD helped develop the VRR standard and has already implemented it in their chips for XBOX consoles, AMD should have all the knowledge they need to implement this on their graphics cards as well.

AMD and RTG in particular. Please give us an update on the status of this. Is it even still being worked on?