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Adept I

STill having crash and graphical problems in warzone. amd drivers 21.5.1

i have an rx 580 OC and while playing warzone the other day I  played for about 2 hours or more with little to no problems. Start playing again the next day and once again I have crash issues or the graphics go haywire like certain guns or ammo boxes will emit a very bright spot in the screen and this will either go away or most commonly get worse to where my screen actually has a weird rainbow effect to it along with certain items in-game having these very bright spots/or fractals emitting from them. this may not be an amd driver problem could be a problem with the game. 

I have not downloaded the newest driver 21.5.2 because this has been an ongoing problem and seems like every time I download a new driver it's awful at 1st or seems great for a run or two on warzone but it never fails one day ill hardly be able to even get a game started because of the fractal/graphical problems. Im wondering is this a case of my rx 580 getting too old or is it just warzone itself causing these problems?

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I would not recommend trying the 22.5.2 as rendering issues have been reported with it.  What I would recommend is to use the AMD uninstall utility then reinstall 22.5.1 and if that doesn't work rollback to the last driver version that worked with your setup and stay there.


Perhaps try to disable Windows Game Mode, it has been reported that it can cause issues in some games for some users hardware.

Game mode can impact FPS negatively with stutters and freezes:

Best regards from Sweden