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Journeyman III

Still cannot install Windows 98 SE in Ryzen 3000 series

Hi, I switched over from blue team a month ago and I have no experience using AMD PC before switch over.

A moment ago, I have seen unusual error which doesn't happen before when installing Windows 98 SE in Virtual-box, and I found VME bug existed when Ryzen debuted. I though it fixed as I bought zen 2 processor instead of older one but got same error.

(I searched other forum but no suitable solution, if you though is a chipset problem, I'm using latest BIOS version of ASUS Prime B450M-K)

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Found this MSFN Thread concerning the same thing you are talking about and how to work around the VME Bug in Windows 98 SE: Important for anyone trying to run Windows 9x under a Ryzen-based Virtual Machine - Windows 9x/ME - ... 


However, where setting he mention? Host or guest?


Not sure. Can you go into Safe Mode in a Virtual Machine OS?

It mentioned to go into SYSTEM PROPERTIES -> PERFORMANCE -> FILE SYSTEM -> TROUBLESHOOTING -> Disable all 32 bit mode Disk Drivers.

According to this other Website about installing Windows 98SE in a modern computer. The above settings in in Windows 98SE: VOGONS • View topic - How to install Windows 98SE on a modern PC 

Maybe you might want to go to that website and ask them MSFN.ORG.

Sorry that is all I can help you with. Someone else experienced with VM might be able to offer more suggestions.