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Adept II

Steam FSX and the Radeon Software

I know FSX is about 10 years old and Steam now has it, still a 32 bit game. But the latest Radeon software isn't showing any frame rates or performance for it. Is it just too old to be enhanced by the new software? The last ati bundle showed it as marginal at 20 fps but I know I'm a lot better than that. My system is at least 5 times over the reccommended, in fact all sliders are maxed out and it works great, but I would like ati to make suggestions for improvements.

AMD Ryzen 8 core ccpu, 4.2ghz  AsUS Gaming MB, RX580 ATI 8gb video card, 16gb of ddr5 ram, not over-clocking anything, Windows 10 Pro 64, water cooled cpu.

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