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Journeyman III

Start a live broadcast on YouTube "button" doesn't work!



I was live streaming my game play on Youtube and have no issues in my channel but the start a live broadcast button during the game when i open the program window by pressing Alt+ Window+ R is not working anymore in three month now so i live stream on Twitch instead

The program is updated to the latest vision and my channel is linked as always nothing has been changed just the live streaming button on Youtube doesn't work no matter how many times i press it but i can have a custom stream on Youtube what's laborious every time to make instead of a press of a button so the live streaming on Youtube is working in general but not the live stream direct button

I wonder what could be the problem because this's so annoying
The software that i'm using is: AMD Software Adrenalin Edition and it came with my pc as a standard softwareSkärmbild (107).png

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