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Journeyman III

Star Trek Online hanging on start since I got my RX 6800XT

I recently managed to "win" a NewEgg Shuffle to have the "opportunity" to buy a RX 6800XT for only a mildly inflated price.  I went ahead and got it, and ever since then, I've had issues starting Star Trek Online.  My other games seem to be fine. 

When I start Star Trek Online, it starts the patcher, and an AMD indicator for optimization pops up, hanging the patcher.  I have to wait for the optimizer to finish, end the task for the patcher, and then restart.  Then, once the patcher goes through and the game is allowed to start, the game itself does the same thing.  Sometimes, the OS isn't able to end the task of the game itself, and I have to restart the whole system to get it work again.  I am able to start the game after some effort, but it is annoying.

Only slightly less annoying, Star Trek Online also seems to never want to start on the right monitor.  I have 3 monitors, a 34" ultrawide, a 27", and a 10" that I use for monitoring the conditions in my PC.  STO never starts on the 34", and many times overlays my YouTube or Netflix on the 27" about 2/3 of the time, and sometimes on the 10" monitoring screen.  I have to wait for the game to start, un-maximize it, which makes it move to the 34", and then re-maximize it. 

I'm hoping someone else has encountered these issues and know a fix.  I haven't been able to find it yet.