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Star Citizen - Low FPS - Interesting finding Windows 11 and AMD Radeon RX6000 Series

I started using Windows 11 on October 5th, since it has been released. I didn't join the Insider Program for the Machine which is running as my gaming rig. Since switchting to Windows 11 I experienced a great gaming performance (some games improved also by 5-10%) in almost all my games but Star Citizen. In Star Citizen I got a performance decrease of about 30-50% depending on the situation (and this is very interesting).

To narrow down my system and what has been done already to check if it is a Windows 11 bug or misconfiguration:
- System Configuration: AMD Ryzen 5900X, 32 GB RAM (running at 3200 MHz), 2 TB SSD (nVME, ~3.500 MB/s), GPU: AMD Radeon RX6900 XT (Original from AMD), X570 Chipset, My Main Screen resolution is 2560x1440 (WQHD)
- Has the AMD L3 Bug been fixed? Yes I'm running Windows 11 Version 10.0.22000.282 (which includes KB5006746)
- Did I install the lasted AMD Chipset Drivers? Sure! It's running the latest version of the Chipset drivers which should help with the CPPC stuff. It's version is
- Did I re-install Windows from Scratch? Yes I first started with Windows in-place Upgrade, everything worked but Star Citizen hat bad performance so I decided to re-install the whole system from scratch.
- Did I deactivate Windows Reporting? Yes I did deactivate Windows reporting, since I'm running Windows 11 Pro I can use gpedit.msc to deactivate it completely with Group Policies
- What AMD Radeon Driver Version am I running? I'm running the current official version from AMD (Adrenalin 21.10.2 Recommended (WHQL)), I also tried the optional versions (also the latest one, Adrenalin 21.11.1 Optional) but there where no changes and I feel running the Recommended version is more stable (although I don't really have stability issues, this thing is rock stable, typically no CTDs or black screens).
What do I expect from my system?
Expected Behavior of the System: Running about 60 FPS almost all the time (but Orison), at least in Windows 10 this was the case.

Current situation of my system
Star Citizen is running typically at about 30 FPS, in almost all space stations or in the verse. Sometimes the FPS increase to about 35 FPS if I'm on a moon or on a planet (this should be vice-versa!).
The CPU is having a utilization of about 20-30%. It is also boosting, so it looks good for me.
The Graphics Card is having a utilization of about 70-80% it is running at about 85Watts and stays cool. I expect it to do more FPS, so I would expect it to run on higher Watts and to go on higher Utilization. It switches between Idle and ~1100 MHz.
Setting up the Graphics Card to get a bit more FPS (STILL NOT >60 FPS!)
If you read until this line, that's amazing. Thanks for that!

As everything is running good in the system and any other game is running perfect I currently believe that there is not an issue with Star Citizen itself but with the AMD Graphics Driver for Windows 11. Although it is the same version as in Windows 10 I guess there are some performance optimizations for different configuration combinations of Operating System and Games.

I'm not giving any advice of following the next steps nor do I take responsibility to configuration that you do based on what I did on my system!

In a short summary:
1) I did enable Radeon Image Sharpening especially for Star Citizen in the AMD Radeon Software
2) I did enable "Virtual Super Resolution" in "(Global) Settings > Display" so I can run Star Citizen in 4K instead in only WQHD
3) Then I went to Performance > Tuning - added a new Game Profile only for Star Citizen (so that the tuning settings only affect Star Citizen and not any other game!)
3a) In the Game Profile I activated "Manual Tuning > Custom" in "Tuning Control"
3b) I enabled "GPU Tuning"
3c) I enabled "Advanced Control"
3d) I set Min Frequency to 2400 MHz (which is 96% of Max Frequency) and kept Max Frequency as suggested by Radeon Software
3e) Apply Changes (top right)
4) Started Star Citizen and Switched Resolution to 3840x2160 and "Fullscreen"

As written above I had about 30-35 FPS before these changes, now the game is running with about 40-45 FPS, although the resolution has been increased.
--> Now the graphics card is running with about 2300 MHz up to 2400 MHz. And Wattage increased to about 180W.

After that I disabled Virtual Super Resolution and switched Star Citizen to 2560x1440 again --> I do not have 40-45 FPS but the game is now running at 35-42 FPS, so it is better that before giving a more "fluid" experience. Wattage and GPU performanced stayed at about 180W. Looking on the Graphics Card Metrics it still switches between running at >2300 MZ and "idle". So I'm running now without Super Resolution but the change with the Super Resolution has been done just to check if higher resolutions give more or less FPS. I would expect less FPS, but it was the other way round. I'm running most of the time in "Borderless" mode, so I cannot use Super Resolution.

To sum it up, due to increasing load on the Graphics Card by giving it "more to render" the graphics driver seems to force the graphics card to render faster. If the settings are not made it looks for me that the system thinks there is not much to do, give it about 30 FPS and keeps it like that.

I did already file a bug report to AMD, but please feel free to submit bug reports on your own if you experienced the same behavior.

Before people suggest it: Of course I can switch back to Windows 10, but I'm not going to do that.

I heard that there are driver versions out there which do not have that issue as written before, or maybe I'm missing a setting. But for me it looks like the current version of AMD Adrenalin Drivers do not officially support Star Citizen.

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Journeyman III

I have the same problem with rx 6800 xt (sapphire) playing in 2560x1080. 

Journeyman III


First time playing Star Citizen so no earlier comparison point.

New machine: windows 11, RX6800xt, nvme 3000r/w, 32ram, i11700K.

persistent universe slugging at around 30-40 fps, though I can't check exact fps as Adrenalin has recently been in a habit of flashing overlay and destabilising game's performance, as seen with Cyberpunk 2077.


Can confirm I get roughly the same 30fps performance on my 6700xt, the gpu and cpu are not being utilized properly on windows 11 in star citizen.  I also have severe dpc latency when it is running which causes the audio to crackle and pop.




While Star Citizen is currently in the Alpha stage of development, it is playable now. New content, features, and fixes are consistently added as development continues, with a major patch released each quarter.

Could be why,It's still in Alpha!


I can't tell whether you're being sarcastic or not but the gist here is that, alpha or not, the RX6000 series users just got their framerate cut by half.

It stands to reason that there's a problem somewhere between star citizen / windows 11 / AMD drivers which, solved, would return said users to playable framerate, while the now-10-year-old alpha continues into the second decade of its happy existence.

Journeyman III

While drivers are suspect, would you please add your voice to the similar bug thread on Star Citizen's bug forum, for hopefully quicker resolution. It's under the title: 

50% gpu performance (AMD RX 6800 xt + windows 11)




Thanks, I also contributed to that Issue Council again, although there where already some other Issue Council entries. 

To update you guys, I'm still having the same issues. Of course I updated the graphics driver now to 21.12.1. I tried multiple times without "overclocking" the GPU (I wouldn't call it overclocking as it doesn't run outside the spec) - the game simply runs better if it has a game profile set. Performance still varies between 30 - 50 FPS depending on situation and "mood" of my computer.

I also tested some other games again like CoD Vanguard - running like a charm with graphics of a cinema movie including raytracing etc..

I don't thinnk it is 100% AMDs fault there is clearly an issue within the driver but there is definitely also a problem in Star Citizen itself running on W11 - but as far as I understood in this case only on AMD powered computers.


Anyone experiencing this issue with Star Citizen and Windows 11, please use the Bug Report Tool (BRT) inside Radeon Software to submit your bug report and provide steps to reproduce the issue.

Thank you!

Some Update on my side:
Not sure if it is a coincidence. But I've never seen the game running above 60 FPS in Windows 11 yet. I did also some additional changes in Windows itself:
Go into Windows Settings > Display > Graphics and add the following applications to the list:
- (Your Installation Root)\Roberts Space Industries\RSI Launcher\RSI Launcher.exe
- (Your Installation Root)\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\LIVE\StarCitizen_Launcher.exe
- (Your Installation Root)\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\LIVE\Bin64\StarCitizen.exe
Set them all to "High Performance". (I know there are other games maybe which are set to highest performance, but this is something that Windows decides on it's own).
Lonely idling in a 400i somewhere in the verse, with no friends, I got now 60-70 FPS. Most of the time it's running now at 45-55 FPS. Still the graphics card is idling at around at 30-40% usage --> I guess it should be still able to handle more.
This was additional to my changes I wrote above.

Of course I'm running Adrenalin 21.12.1 Optional currently. My Windows Version is now Windows 11 (10.0.22000.376).

Journeyman III

I have a 3700x and a 6900XT. I got 60-150fps on windows 10. I get no more than 30 fps on windows 11.Both running with the same driver's stable version.


Having the same issue on my 6700 XT.

Like OP has mentioned, giving the card MORE to render actually makes it run faster, so right now I get the best FPS when playing at 4K. It's still bad FPS though. Maybe around 45 max.

While the phenomena also persists in windowed or borderless display modes, funnily enough those are generally a bit faster than fullscreen.


Sounds like a bug in Star Citizen, where draw calls are not issued to the GPU, perhaps because of some performance profile or something being threated differently in Windows 11.


If the GPU has no utilization there is not much that can be done in the driver.


Is there any chance to fix this issue? Still the same on 22.3.1.


Having the same issue 6900xt, 12900k, played around with settings ingame and amd drivers, nothing helps.. about 30fps ingame

hope they adress this soon, no change with 22.3.1

Thanks @AleksR for you contribution, then at least it is not a problem with my AMD CPU if you experience the same issue on your 12900K. However I did put some screenshots on how to "overclock" the card for the game or at least to get it to lock the frequency a bit higher: Windows 11 and AMD Radeon RX6000 Series low GPU usage, low FPS - Hardware - Star Citizen - Spectrum ...

The AMD Graphics Driver will only set the performance settings for a specific game if you do not use an "automatically tuning profile" from the "global settings".


So "finally" update 3.17o looks like it will fix the Low FPS issue. So it is clearly not an AMD issue but an issue with the game itself. I got about 70-130 FPS depending on the location and level of clouds.

Yes tested it with 3.17 and can see increase in fps !!