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Journeyman III

Stable Driver for RX 550

Hey guys.... When I update my RX 550 to version 19.9 my Desktop doesn't even start Windows, just black screen after MB logo.


  • Issue Description: Can't install any driver after version 18.12.2 from Dec 12, every new one my Desktop crash, can't do anything.. I need to enter in secure mode and desinstall, restart and install again 18.12
  • Hardware: I have a RX 550 2gb XFX, i5 7400, 16gb Kingston memory, Gigabyte H110m-M.2 MB, Thermaltake 600w and use a Corsair M.2 SSD
  • Software: The driver that i'm trying to install is 19.9.2 from AMD website, my Windows is Win 10 PRO Version 1903, I don't think that game version is relevant because I can't even start my windows... but just FYI, R6 Siege, Forza Horizon 4, COD MW Beta, all of them request a new driver
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Install Windows with UEFI support. Do not use CSM support (you can change this setting with BIOS) if it is not required. Also install the latest Intel Chipset drivers. These may help. I also use a similar platform (Intel 8000 series) and I can use new display drivers with a Polaris (RX 400 series) graphics card.


I've tried a RX400 for a few weeks and had no problem with driver... Only

with my RX550 I have these problems... Windows was installed with UEFI, and

chipset drivers are up to date,

I'm working with my pc right now and had no problem... but if I restart, I

need to use safe mode to remove my driver and install again

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Re: Stable Driver for RX 550 in Drivers & Software


There may be a mismatch between the motherboard and the GPU BIOS. Try disabling CSM and FastBoot with Mobo BIOS, maybe this solves it.