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Journeyman III

Spikes in GPU Clocks and Utilisation

Why do new drivers constantly experience such peaks in the core frequency of video memory and power consumption? what is it about and how to remove it?
there is no such thing on older drivers
rx 570 Driver 23.3.2




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Adept I

Hey i got almost same issue , this new updates cause vram utilization and clock speed high when my pc idling, we have same gpu , i think that you have same issue like me and every rx500series owner...

Adept III

I'm running an RX580X on our HTPC.

On latest driver and chipset and not seeing this issue.

I did install with Minimal Settings however.


So you have literally nothing running? No browser, launcher, Steam launcher, no other apps, nothing? Because lots of things have GPU acceleration these days. Heck even Windows uses GPU for a bunch of stuff. So it could be an app doing something. Even the AMD control panel itself causes small spikes at regular intervals when it's visible.

If you see the spikes pretty regularly try turning on the GPU columns in task manager, sorting by GPU and watching it. You should see something pop to the top of the list. On my setup I see Firefox alternate with Desktop Window Manager and a Client Server Runtime Process for top spot. When I show the AMD control panel it regularly jumps to the top spot every few seconds.


this is a newly installed windows there is absolutely nothing on it and it still happens


Did you check what is causing the GPU spikes using Task Manager?

And a fresh Windows install doesn't mean nothing is running. Edge is included, Defender is included, if it's Windows 10 you might have live tiles or other bloat running. Windows 11 probably has it's own MS bloatware. See if you can identify the process(es) that are spiking GPU. If it's "AMD something" then you're right. If not then you can identify the real culprit.

Adept I

Definitely amd messed something up with latest drivers . I need to downgrade to 22.11.1 because latest drivers do this to my gpu . I hope AMD will see this and fix it asap...

Adept III

I have the same problem in my rx570 after 22.11.2 driver.

Disable startCN and startDVR in task scheduler until amd decide to fix it.  (thanks to FcB-ZaRe)

If you open the adrenalin software the problem shows up again and you must restart the pc.