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Journeyman III


as i had recently updated my adrenalin my speaker has full sounded even though i have reduced the sound the sound still stand on full volume

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Adept I

I have experienced this exact same issue twice. The volume is extremely loud and sounds as if it is maxxed out even when I've dialled the volume control to 2% on the task bar in Windows, it's loud asf as if the volume isn't at 2% and whatever sound is produced is coming out at 100% when it shouldn't be. I don't know how I got rid of it. I think I reinstalled my sound driver both times. PITA. Hope it can be fixed so I don't come across this problem again.


But yes, I've reinstalled AMD's Adrenalin drivers so many times and I do remember that this is when the issue happens to occurred for me after installation of AMD's Adrenalin drivers.