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Journeyman III

Sometimes no display, BSOD and Hard freeze

I need some help and advice in identifying the issue/s which my PC is undergoing right now.

Okay, so the problem once started when I had recently purchased Gigabyte Eagle RX 6600 GPU (Almost a week ago); however, the major problem was that my old casing was not able to handle its size. Hence, I ordered a new casing Corsair 250Q where the GPU had fit perfectly. Everything was shifted to the other casing and once I powered it on, it was working with issue.

From the day I started using the GPU (11th Feb 2023), I encountered no problems. I did not have any GPU from the last 3 years (GTX 1060) and I have also reinstalled windows twice which means no previous drivers are installed. However, I did notice slight stuttering occurring while using the internet, such as browsing and internet (it was annoying). After researching Google (Reddit, tomshardware, and others) for the solution, I noticed that many of the people suggested updating BIOS... So I decided to update it and that's when I think the issue began. On 14th Feb, I downloaded the latest BIOS version from the Asus website for my motherboard (specified in specs). This was my first time upgrading BIOS in my life and I was aware of the dangers posed by updates and so I watched videos b4 attempting the update. I downloaded the latest version on my SSD and then used the tool EZ Flash 3 for upgrading it directly through storage directory. Everything went well and the BIOS was updated to the latest version ( V:2604 ). I also tested out some games after their installation for a few hours where I encountered no problems. Although, the issue of stuttering was still not resolved.

The real issue began on 15th Feb when I booted my PC and there was no display. Everything was working, motherboard, CPU cooler, GPU fan, and casing fan but there was no display. I turned off my PC and opened the casing and checked everything as to whether there was a loose wire or something. I tried reconnecting all the wires and also keep testing whether it was resolved. On my 5th attempt at reconnecting the wires, especially the SSD, the PC showed a display. At that time, I thought that there might be some loose wires causing the issue and hopefully, it's fixed now. This problem again occurred on 17th February; however, this time, the PC was already on but it had shut down itself while I was away, and when I tried booting it ... the same issue: power on but no display. I again checked the wires and luckily it started on one attempt. That is when I started to get worried. At the end of that same day, I was playing Horizon Zero, Dawn, when suddenly, I noticed something happening to the textures after 1 hour of gameplay (like grass appearing and disappearing constantly), and then the BSOD occurred. PC restarted fine (no display issue) and I tested the game again for 2 hours which was working with no issue.

Today on 20th February, BSOD occurred again and this time the PC was in Idle, and haven't even played any games today. It happened in front of me while I was using my phone. The error it showed was 'MEMORY MANAGEMENT' I tried starting the PC and again no display. Opened the casing and changed the slot of the RAM with no tinkering to the wires. It worked. So after checking the reviews. I decided to do a mem test for identifying whether the RAM is the culprit. All 4 stages were passed. Currently, I don't know what to do. I was unable to find any similar collective issue, such as both BSOD and no display in a same thread. Again crashed in 21st February while playing WoW (low CPU and GPU utilization). 

Actions taken:

  • Memtest
  • Chkdsk
  • CMOS reset
  • GPU reseating 


TL/DR: Problems After BIOS Update; 2 BSOD (1 in gaming, 1 in idle); 2 Hard Freeze (1 in gaming, 1 in idle), Sometimes no PC Display. Occurs randomly. Can even play high demanding games for more than 2 hours

Any advice/suggestion would be great. Is it the bios update, motherboard, GPU, CPU. RAM, PSU, or other culprit.

I have also attached the 2 BSOD dmp files here

CPU: I5 6600k (8 years)
Motherboard: Asus h170m-e d3 (8 years )
Power Supply: Corsair RM 650 (1 year)
SSD1: ADATA 500 GB (1 month)
SSD 2: Samsung EVO 860 - 500 GB (3 years)
GPU: RX 6600 (1-2 weeks) (Drivers updated to latest version)
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 1-8GB DDR3 1600 GHZ (7 years)

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