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Some driver praise! (23.2.1)

I updated to the 23.2.1 driver yesterday and even though I kept the box checked to keep my settings, it didn't keep the frame rate target set to 240. So when I fired up Rocket League (I know it's not the most demanding game) it was running uncapped and was getting well over 300 FPS almost nonstop on 1440p with settings I'm pretty sure in the past would dip below 240 at times and not run as high. With FSR I have reached into the 400s but this is native 1440p. Also my core stays over 2000MHz (around the 2030s) since I've repadded/pasted it a month or two ago and temperatures stay in check and it's just running really well.

I have not dared to remove the registry entry that disables MPO. I didn't see this issue mentioned in the release notes or it's worded a little cryptic if it's in there, which is disappointing, but it was nice to see this older card run my favorite game so well. I haven't tested anything else yet.

A minor issue I noticed is that the Radeon window resized to half its height when i moved it to the second screen and after that I was unable to move it around. I closed and reopened it but I couldn't move it anymore but I was able to resize it. I had something similar happen to Microsoft Teams on my work VM last week. I couldn't move that around anymore either. So who knows if that was a new driver issue or a Microsoft Updates issue.

I also just noticed that my display driver stayed installed properly. Before I had to reinstall my main Samsung G7 monitor driver with every Radeon driver update/reinstall and because Samsung didn't sign it I had to reboot into that mode where it doesn't block unsigned drivers and so on. I'm happy to see it's still installed.

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