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Adept I

[ Solved ] Windows uses gpu copy engine feature causing stutters w/high fps in-game

Dear community,

I have found that stuttering while in-game even with high fps was caused by NT kernel & system ( system.exe )

and this issue was unknown by the people who had this issue and couldn't figure it out but i finally found the cause

and i tried to find a solution for this but it's really hard to stop the system from using the " copy " feature on AMD gpu

so what i'm saying is that even using the official driver from the computer/laptop manufacture it's still the same

even tho i was on windows 7 and i had this issue and i was confused by that time which i didn't know about it before

and before this happens, there was absolutely no stutters or anything and it was super smooth until this happend after 20 minutes or something of playing

The gpu i'm using for gaming is Amd radeon r7 M440

And i tried several things and still it didn't work for me :

  • Scanning for a malware
  • Changing the AMD's software Settings
  • Removing the driver completely using AMD's official driver cleaner utility
  • Disabling services that were running in the background ( 34 Services )
  • Removing the latest program i have installed
  • Defraging the hard drive with all the three partitions by many times day by day
  • Disabling superfetch service
  • Optimizing windows 10 using Microsoft's official guide of improving the performance
  • Disabling some features of the intel's i7 cpu
  • And etc....

Day Later -

Found the solution and it worked for me, i hope this works for some users out there !


so what happened is that gpu copy feature is still working but it's not affecting my game and it's using much much lower usage and i have seen much improvement on the performance.


here's how !

  • First you have to uninstall your AMD's Display Driver completely using DDU Display Driver Uninstaller Download version  ( on the Safe Mode )
  • after uninstalling it on the safe mode restart your computer/laptop and get into the normal boot of your operating system
  • then check for updates and let the windows updates download the driver by it self AND NOT downloading the driver from the manufacturer ( example: amd, hp, etc.. )


then yeah the problem got solved for me, and maybe after that try installing the driver from the manufacturer if you really need it but don't know if the issue will start again.

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Adept II

I have the same problem with a 5700XT ive tried everything googled for days

Try my solution on the discussion
hope it helps !


What is your version of AMD software? 20.5.1 or not? 

Journeyman III

I have this same problem but opposite, I had my GPU on the copy engine and it was working fine that's how nzxt shipped it to me btw, but then I had to reset windows 10 and now it's on the GPU 0 - 3d engine and it lags and stutters and doesn't stay at 99% like there's a bottleneck but there was not before I reset.

when it was on the copy engine every game went to 99% right away and ran very smoothly now on the 3d engine it doesn't stay at 99% and fluctuates between 50% and 99% as it needs to use the GPU it uses it instead of using it all at one time like before. so frustrating.

ryzen 3700x

1660 ti

16gb 3200mhz

970 evo plus ssd

Journeyman III

I have same trouble for years... and now I want to tell about it ))

Journeyman III

It's worked. After the updating GPU, radeon software was not installed at first. However, it was installed itself later like two days. Anymore my GPU is not copied by system. Thanks.