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Adept I

software warning incompatible graphics drivers


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Adept I

Anyone have the fix for this?

I got that same error when I ran the windows 10 quality update to test an issue that I was having (it installed a graphics driver with that update).  I reinstalled an older driver directly from AMD and turned off automatic updates, and that got rid of that error for me.

can you post the link for the driver update you installed please? thank you


I went there, skipped the automatic one, and specifically selected the graphics card I had. 

Then instead of installing the driver is suggested, I scrolled down and clicked "previous driver" link.

Then went through and tried each one (starting with the newest one, then the second newest one, then the third newest one, etc.) until I found the one that worked for me. 

Adept II

It happened to me, it's windows update reinstalling the driver. There's an utility that hides the update so it won't be installed automatically [since everytime I was pressing the check for updates button win update installed it automatically]


What’s the fix ?


Windows Home use regedit to block windows from updating AMD drivers.

Windows Pro or office use Group Policy Editor to do the same.

Then know your specific GPU or APU. 

If this PC is off the shelf go to your manufactures support site and type in the model or serial number and look at the detail hardware specs of your PC make a written note for future referance.

Go to

Select drivers and support tab.

Use the drop down menus to select your Operating System.

Use the drop down menu to select either Desktop Graphics or APU which ever you have (choose only the exact model you have). 

Upon installing the graphics software in the opening  installation window select the tab that says installation options and select factory reset.

This will remove all previous graphics drivers from your system.

You may have to go into safe mode before any of this and uninstall the graphics drivers you have to proceed without encountering display driver conflicts or a Windows Crash.