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Journeyman III

Software only, hardware acceleration unavailable

Hi all, i am having problems with both of my browsers chrome/edge and both keep popping up with either webgl not supported/activated and  hardware acceleration not supported or activated although both are ticked on, i presume its a problem with my graphics drive after many other attempts to fix the problem, has any one got any ideas what i could do to sort the problem out please??

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I would try a good clean install of the driver and see if that helps.

Have the driver you want to install downloaded.

Run DDU from wagnardsoft dot com, from safe mode with the Internet disabled. Just unplug or turn off the router or modem is fine.

Restart after running DDU to normal but still have the Internet disabled. 

Then install the driver again don't use express settings. Use Factory Reset and that should get you going again.

Good Luck!


Hi, i am a bit of a beginner where installing drivers etc is concerned, where would i find a driver for my HP Pavillion G6 ?, driver is AMD A4-4300M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics 2.50 GHz, there are a lot of sites for drivers including HP itself which does not support windows 10 upgrade for this laptop so no driver available from them


That APU went EOL and unsupported many years ago. There is however an older driver for Windows 10 on the AMD site. 

16.2.1 beta is the most recent and the latest you will ever get.

Here is the download page link: