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Adept I

Software/Driver Issues

Recently bought a RX 6600 XT from Bestbuy back in late February.  I've been having weird issues with the AMD drivers since then.  With full install, everything will be running fine but if left unattended for a few minutes the card with stop outputting a signal.  Computer doesn't crash, only the display drivers.  With the minimal & drivers only install, after every boot there will be an issue where any application that goes fullscreen turns the display back, exiting fullscreen returns it to normal.  Only fix I've found is to temporarally change the hz rate in windows.

Ryzen 5 1600x
Gigabyte Radeon RX 6600 XT GAMING OC 8GB
2x8GB Ballistics 3200
MSI B350M Gaming Pro
Seasonic 620W M12 Evo Bronze 

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Adept II

I would suggest you download DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller), reboot to safe mode and remove all previous GPU drivers. If you had an Nvidia or AMD run it to remove all previous drivers. Boot back into Windows and ensure you disconnected from the internet so Windows does not install a generic driver through Windows Update. 

Reinstall the latest 22.3.1 driver and see if the behavior is the same. 

I swear as soon as I wrote it off, the issue came back....  Did everything last night.  After having it run for a bit this morning and nothing happened I thought it fixed the issue.  Until I put it in lock screen to head out for work and it black screened again (this is with the full install).  After restart my pc wasn't letting me connect to the internet and the drivers crashed, in Windows display settings it said the hz was 1....

I really don't think it's the card at fault (only reason why I didn't return it where I bought it).  But no matter which install variant of the drivers I use it gives me issues....