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Journeyman III

Slow reboot and shutdown on Ryzen 5 2500U

Since some time I've been experiencing issues with the latest drivers, which for some reason slow down my reboot / shutdown process, I've been facing this since some months now.

V21.4.1 or lower driver version has no issues, but after that and till now (21.10.2 WHQL) the issue remains present.

Shutdown and reboot process can take up to 5 mins, taking into consideration that I've a SSD, meanwhile turning on takes 7 seconds or less.

I've a Lenovo IdeaPad 330S-15ARR
Ryzen 5 2500U
SSD Western Digital Blue SN500 - 256gb
Ram 8gb

2tb storage

If anyone has any suggestion or tips I would appreciate a lot.

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It sounds like a background program is taking a long time to terminate.  Windows won't shut down until all programs terminate.

Do you get any warnings when shutting down? 

On my Windows 10/11 when I click on Restart and the computer starts to shut down, it asks me if I want to terminate the current program that is running at the time of shutdown. I click yes the computer shuts down immediately most of the time. Click no and the computer waits for whatever program is running to finish and then shuts down.

So it is possible the latest AMD Drivers is taking a long time to terminate itself thus prolonging the shut down of the laptop.

It's not a hang app problem. It's a bug in AMD drivers causing the system to take minutes to shut down. Best part - the issue happens so low level that even Microsofts WPR boot trace can't record it!

Adept I

I was about to start a new topic but your system specs are close enough to mine. I just wanted to highlight that, upon internet research, this issue is NOT specific to just Lenovo ideapads!


1. The latest driver without the issue is 21.6.2 released 2021-06-28

2. I pin-pointed the issue to be caused by GPU drivers suite i.e. not the chipset drivers suite. I can update the chipset drivers to the latest release and the problem is gone right after I downgrade just the GPU driver suite.

3. The issue persist all the way up to the latest drivers available - 22.5.1 released 2022-04-28

4. I have reported the issue using the AMD reporting tool (March/April 2022).

Lenovo ideapad 330s 330S-15ARR
Radeon 540 with 2 GB dedicated VRAM GDDR5 64-bit (integrated Vega 10 enabled)
Ryzen 7 1st gen 2700U 4C/8T Raven Ridge 14 nm
12 GB DDR4-2666 / PC4-21300 DDR4 SDRAM SO-DIMM
Windows 10

I have noticed the same issue. I already did a bug report.

I have a HUAWEI Matebook 13 2020 with AMD Ryzen 5 3500U vega 8

I did all check ups. Nothing found related to hardware. I also did a windows reset. 

Only graphics suite (AMD adrenalin) causes the problem. If i keep chipsets driver alone everything is back to normal.

The problem appeared with the 2 latest versions of AMD adrenalin. I dont know the version that i had before.


I want to verify that Realtek and AMD drivers conflict is real. I uninstalled the Realtek audio driver and tested a different version which wasn’t completely supported by my ultrabook and the problem disappeared. 

So the problem for me especially is the Realtek audio driver. 
If somebody has the same issue, it s good to contact with manufacturer of his device.

I will do the same. 
Options like disabling AMD audio coprocessor are working for the most people and me but it’s not the real solution, because you will sacrifice features.


Adept I

It looks like it's a conflict between Realtek and AMD drivers and the workaround is to downgrade Realtek driver

So I solved it and burried the case happily. Months later I couldn't get the ms update catalog CAB file to install. After hours of trying I stumbled upon this piece of information:

tenforums com tutorials 66346 install cab file windows 10 a 2 html #post962626 

In essence CAB package installation won't work for some reason. For realtek you have to use the Device Manager -> Update driver -> Browse for files